Sites and Rates

We offer the most modern facilities around.  Our utilities, size and condition of sites, site maintenance and overall tidiness and cleanliness of the park are second to none

Seasonal Site Base Rates are for 2 persons – Once on your site your rate is locked in and only adjusted yearly by the annual government posted inflation rate

Country Cottage (Park Models) sites are:

Park Models 12′ wide accepted new or used

E section lots are approximately 3400 square foot with parking strips beside the units.
$2600 on the west side and $2782 on the east side per season, add $400 if you want to extend your use beyond April 15th to  October 15th.

F section approximately 5400 square foot lots with parking strips in front of the units. $2782 per season add $400 if you want year round weekend use

RV Sites

RV units must be less than 15 years old
$2600 to $3090  ($1676 sites include electric unless you use AC then add $100)
Site Base Rate includes: 2 people, Water, Sewer and 2 key gate cards and car stickers

Other Charges

Extra person 4 years to 17 $35.00
Access card for entrance gate $5.00 (available for regular guests with car sticker $25) If lost $20 for key card $20 for car sticker
Extra person 18 years and up $100.00
Electric deposit $100.00 (applied to final bill)
Sewer connection must be solid $30.00, double $50 plus tax
Visitor pass  $20.00 ($25 value for $20.00)
Wood racks $25 one time rental (NO other option) plus tax

We require before moving in:

Payment in full, we accept EFT, credit card (3% additional fee) personal check, money order, cash
Proof of insurance
Pet rabies tag # or name of vet

Visitor rates

Day use $2.00
Overnight add $2.00
Swimming pool, kayaks and/or golf an additional $3.00

We are a Seasonal only resort and do not take in casual RV’ers or tenters, however, you may have your family or friends come and stay (you are responsible for them at all times)(depending on availability)

RV/Popup site (4 people) $35.00
Children under 4 Free
Tent site (4 people) $20.00
Extra person $6.00